Don’t buy the certificate, buy the diamond

Although some stores try to sway you with wordy information about how important diamond grading is, you should never buy a diamond based strictly on its grading certificate.

The gemological grades on the diamond certificate should be used as a loose guideline, not as scientific facts (because there is nothing scientific about it). Too often today, diamonds are being sold based on the grades on their gemology certificate, not on how the diamonds actually look.

For example, some SI2 clarity diamonds are much better than others, even though the grade are the same on their certificates. Why? The gemological grades on diamond and gemstone certificates are based on the opinion of the gemologist who is doing the grading, making the grading process not scientific enough to be the only standard used when making your choice. If you were to examine the two SI2 diamonds in person, you would see that the type of inclusion (white feather vs black pique) varies, as does the location of the inclusion (middle of table, or off to the side, etc.). Those same two diamonds can have prices that vary by as much as 20% and can look quite different in their setting. These differences may seem small, but they will affect a diamond’s light performance, overall beauty, and value.

We also know that many stores and websites claim to provide you with guidance based solely on the 4Cs. Although this is one way to compare, it is extremely simplistic to use only this method, since there can be many other factors. For example, the 4Cs do not address a stone’s beauty, light performance or its desirability. There is nothing in the 4C’s that can adequately encompass a diamonds brilliance and fire – factors just as important as any of the Cs!

These differences aren’t always presented to the customers because the “lesser” diamonds come with the potential for bigger margins. We don’t buy diamonds to maximize profit margins, we purchase our diamonds for maximized beauty.

Everything about our business model is geared toward building relationships, not margins. We will never compromise our quality to line our pockets because we keep our clients best interests in mind in everything we do.

This allows us to make absolutely certain that we only provide our customers with diamond options that they can be excited with. We won’t buy a diamond that we don’t personally love because we want to feel confident in offering the best diamond trade-in program in the Inland Empire.

At Diamond & Design, all of our diamonds are hand selected using a process that goes far beyond the 4 C’s. We consider those details – and more – when we decide which diamonds are good enough to represent our store.

With over 25 years of international diamond buying and selling experience, we have never bought a diamond without analyzing it in person. So with that in mind, we recommend that our clients never choose a diamond based solely on the grading certificate. When you come into our store, we’ll go over the important factors of a diamond and let you compare in person and see what is most important to you. We are passionate about the diamonds we select for our store, and love to make sure our clients are getting the very best diamonds at the most competitive prices.

We continue to hold to our standards high and only buy loose diamonds that meet our strict expectations for brilliance and fire – and only after examining them in person. We tirelessly search for the absolute best Clarity within a Clarity grade and the same standards are applied for Color and for Cut. Guaranteed.

This is what allows our diamonds to stand out from the rest, and why we are able to offer the best diamond trade-in program in the Inland Empire.

At Diamond & Design, we have never purchased a diamond based solely on its certificate grade, and neither should you.