10 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands For The Big Day

Have you ever noticed that when the word ‘wedding’ is brought up, the first images that tend to come to a person’s mind are all related to the bride rather than the groom? From the dress to the rings to the bouquet and everything to do with the bridesmaids, the planning of wedding days has always been more focused on the women.

Of course, this isn’t fair. It takes two to tango and it also takes two to get married! There might not be as many individual elements to consider for a future groom in terms of attire and accessories, but one area that deserves it and is gaining prominence is men’s wedding rings.

With an increasing number of men in conventional marriages choosing to wear a wedding band and an increasing number of same-sex marriages, men’s wedding rings are more popular than ever.

For many men, a gold wedding band may prove to be the only piece of jewelry that they are ever going to wear regularly so it’s important to make the right choice.

Do you choose a gold wedding ring to match that of your spouse or a sterling silver ring because that is your preferred precious metal? If you want a hypoallergenic metal, choose platinum or palladium. Maybe you want to make a thoroughly modern choice and have a black tungsten or tungsten carbide ring? Should it be plain or patterned, with inlay or a beveled edge or maybe you fancy a diamond wedding band? Do you want a regular or comfortable fit?

There are so many choices and as you’re going to wear it 365 24/7, indulge in spending some time browsing and deciding. Here are ten examples of unique wedding bands for men to give you some ideas of what could be slipped on your finger on your big day.

CrownRing Wedding Band In White Gold

men's wedding bands

If you don’t want to consider traditional yellow gold, look at white gold wedding bands. White gold has become hugely popular in contemporary wedding rings for both sexes. This CrownRing design is perfect for a man who might not wear other types of jewelry. It is standout enough to signify something special like marriage, but also somewhat unassuming if the jewelry isn’t necessarily your usual style.

Carlex Wedding Band In White And Yellow Gold

men's wedding bands

If eye-catching is what you are looking for, then this ring fits the bill. A two-tone combination of white and yellow gold creates something interesting for the ring finger, and the visible screw design is a truly masculine touch compared to more delicate women’s ring designs. The design can be described as ‘industrial’, which might be appealing to those who don’t want anything too intricate or ornate.

Carlex Wedding Band In Rose Gold With 6 Round Diamonds

men's wedding bands

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a men’s wedding band needs to be ‘boring’ or plain, because that is not the case!

Rose gold is a precious metal that suits men and women equally, and if you’re a groom who likes to wear gemstones in things like earrings, then why not make your wedding band a diamond ring with a nice carat weight?

The chunkiness of this particular ring is something that might be appealing to men who have larger fingers. A narrow band might not suit your hand, but this wide band certainly will.

Carlex Wedding Band In Rose And White Gold

men's wedding bands

For a more typically masculine touch, this cool two-tone ring is something that any man would want to consider for his wedding day.

White gold is the predominant color, but the central rose gold strip makes what could be a plain design much more interesting. Some jewelry designers and experts would say the two-tone coloring signifies the union between the bride and groom.

Bleu Royale Wedding Band In White Gold With 6 Princess Diamonds

men's wedding bands

If you want to include gemstones but don’t necessarily want clear stones, then take a look at this wedding band that features black stones instead.

Once you can get into the mindset that diamond wedding bands are not just for women, it opens up a world of possibilities in terms of what designs you can enjoy.

Although The geometric style of the deep-set black princess cut stones gives a thoroughly modern look.

Carlex Wedding Band In White Gold

men's wedding bands

Texture can make a single-band ring interesting.

The surface of this ring is cut into what almost looks like a system of turning cogs, bringing a lot of personality to a single metal design that might otherwise be forgotten in terms of style.

The beauty of this ring design relies on the precision of the cutting and the different styles of polishing.

Carlex Wedding Band In Yellow Gold With 6 Round Diamonds

If you like the idea of diamonds in a wedding ring, but don’t feel like having them on show reflects your style, then why not have them hidden away on the inside of the band instead?

This clever ring design features small stones embedded in the inside of the band, with a more rustic brushed finish to the 18-karat yellow gold surface.

And when we say rustic, we mean as rustic as an expensive diamond gold ring can be, of course!

Bleu Royale Wedding Band In White Gold & Charcoal Grey Enamel

men's wedding bands

If you are looking for an unusual wedding band, this is a standout.

The star of the show here is a band of beautiful charcoal grey enamel that looks like it might have been cut from a meteorite, especially when the light hits the ring in just the right places.

With the textured edge to the white gold outer bands, it’s truly an eye-catching ring.

Bleu Royal Wedding Band In Yellow Gold And White Gold

men's wedding bands

Some men don’t want shine and bling so will probably appreciate this particular ring that has more of a matte finish.

Gold men’s wedding bands are still the traditional choice, but there is something more interesting than usual about this particular design thanks to the hammered finish and that the outer is yellow gold while the inner is white gold.

CrownRing Wedding Band In White Gold With 9 Round Diamonds

men's wedding bands

If you want glitz and glamour this design has it in spades. With nine gorgeous channel set round diamonds, there is no confusing the importance of this particular piece of wedding jewelry. The aim is to only ever get married once and nothing says commitment like a stunning white gold and diamond ring.

This is the kind of ring that can match any beautiful white gold diamond engagement ring that you might have given to your fiancé when you popped the question.


Here at Diamond & Design, we know that pictures can only tell you so much. We are happy to provide any further information about our men’s wedding rings so whether it’s something specific or one of those FAQs, do contact us at any time.

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