8 Dazzling Summer Gifts For Jewelry Lovers

If you like to pay a lot of attention to your jewelry, matching them to particular outfits and particular styles, then it might be fair to assume that summer is probably your favorite season.

Summer is the perfect time for being able to fully express yourself and have fun with every item in your jewelry collection, and it is also the perfect time for giving jewelry gifts to loved ones and special people in your life who feel the same way about their jewelry box.

Jewelry always makes for a great gift no matter what time of the year or the occasion, but there is something really fun about springing a surprise present on a loved one or best friend just because it is the most carefree time of the year. You shouldn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day gifts each year to be presented with a new pair of earrings or a cool bangle as the perfect gift!

We have come up with some great recommendations that you can put in a gift box this summer to present somebody special, along with some handy tips for what you should be doing to style those gift ideas once they have become a reality! The world of jewelry and gemstones can be difficult to navigate, and we are here to take all of the stress out of sifting through the bestsellers.

Don’t worry - we won’t think badly of you if you decide that the recipient of one of these terrific jewelry gifts is yourself.!

8 Tips For Summer Jewelry

  1. Choose Bright, Vibrant Colors

We like to think that everything is brighter during the summer, from the weather to the hours of daylight to our moods! You can best emphasize this in your jewelry by picking pieces that feature splashes and pops of vibrancy. If you want a bigger carat weight than normal, go for it.

Go for high-quality jewelry that boasts a glam touch of bright color ... anything with a topaz, turquoise, emerald, or colored diamonds if you want to push the boat out for a luxury summer look.

Something like this diamond bangle that features a prominent pop of blue is perfect, and the shape of the central stone makes it a somewhat unique gift to give as a special keepsake for a friend or loved one. The color scheme may well invoke an image of a palm-fringed tropical beach lapped by crystal water!

summer gifts
White Gold Diamond Bangle With All White Diamond With White Topaz Over Turquoise
  1. Opt For Plenty Of Sparkling Gems

Following on from the theme of plenty of colors, the best way to get that color incorporated into your jewelry is with gemstones. From amethyst to ruby to sapphire to emerald and everything in between, the beauty of gemstone jewelry is that you can customize your color choices to best reflect your personality or the personality of the person who you are buying the thoughtful gift for.

If you are looking for a way to narrow down your stone choice either for yourself or for somebody else, then a fun route to go down is finding a piece of jewelry that matches their zodiac sign or contains their birthstone. Every single stone on the zodiac and birthstone lists is beautiful, so you don’t need to worry about having a birth month that doesn’t provide bling and sparkle!

Whether you have your eye on a gold necklace, a ring set, an earring set, or something else, if you can match your vision with a beautiful and appropriate gemstone then you will hit every check mark on the gift guide.

Something like this ruby pave necklace is perfect, displaying a flash of beautiful red and keeping on trend with the necklaces that were made so famous by Sex & The City all those years ago!

Red is such a perfect summer color because of the way it flashes to fire in the sunlight and the shiny sterling silver is the perfect complement.

Ruby Pavé Love Necklace
  1. Search For Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

Where do people dream of spending most of their time on hot summer days? At the beach, of course! If you can’t make it to the coast as often as you would like during summer, then a glamorous way to make up for it is with ocean-inspired colors and themes in your jewelry.

We prefer to recommend a more minimalist approach to this theme, staying away from actual aquatic designs and instead opting for colors that evoke the beauty of the ocean. Sapphires, of course, should be the first port of call for this followed by topaz, aquamarine, and green tourmaline.

Something like this beautifully organic ring is perfect for gifting or buying for yourself, with stunning blue sapphire stones that give you the essence of your DIY ocean right on your finger.

summer gifts
Bypass Leaf Wrap Ring With Sapphire Stones
  1. Focus On Rose Gold Pieces

What happens to most of us in the heat of the summer? That’s right, we tan! Something that has been long established in the world of fashion and jewelry is that rose gold is absolutely the best choice of precious metal for tanned and/or olive skin. There is just something about the mellow tone of the rose that works perfectly with that kind of pigmentation.

Luckily for you or the person you are shopping for, the rose gold trend looks like it is here to stay and the love for this precious metal means you can find many fabulous pieces in all kinds of jewelry. From stud earrings to diamond rings to bangles and more, people love it! Rose gold doesn’t show any signs of slowing in popularity.

This cute initial pendant necklace is perfect for adding to a casual daytime summer outfit, whether you are heading out for a picnic or to a garden cookout but also looks fab on tanned skin with a black top or dress for a balmy summer evening.

(Available in all letters)

summer gifts
Rose Gold Initial Pendant Necklace
  1. Follow The Chunky Bracelet Trend

Summer is the season where people can be a little bit more adventurous with their jewelry choices, and when we say adventurous, we mean chunky! Larger-than-life jewelry pieces look great in the more casual settings of summer parties and activities, along with beaded pieces to give a more relaxed, bohemian chic vibe that perfectly matches the heat and the sunshine.

Of course, chunky doesn’t automatically have to mean boho-chic, as there are plenty of options out there that are larger than normal but still the height of elegance and sophistication. This white and yellow gold diamond bangle, for example, is the epitome of chunky yet absolutely stunning and effortlessly classy!

The design is immediately eye-catching and you might think of the sinuous bands as being representative of ocean waves.

summer gifts
White And Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle
  1. Opt for Chokers And Short Necklaces

When thinking about jewelry gifts for the summer, you don’t want anything on your body that is going to look and feel too cumbersome. For necklaces, a good idea is chokers and shorter lengths that don’t get into the way of any shirt neckline that you might be choosing to wear.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that a choker would be too constricting for summer wear, as you can find plenty of delicate, light options that give you the look and vibe without being uncomfortable in the summer conditions.

This simple silver spike pendant necklace is a good place to start, as the chain is a shorter length that won’t bother your neckline, but is not as extreme as a choker. IT is the epitome of what delicacy looks like when applied to necklace design.

summer gifts
Sterling Silver Spike Pendant Necklace
  1. Drop Earrings To Illuminate The Face

Make the most of the sunshine by buying or gifting a pair of gemstone drop earrings that will catch the light and spread their sparkle. The way that drop earrings with stones as their central focus can catch sunlight and reflect/refract it has the power to illuminate the wearer’s face in some really beautiful and unique ways.

Quite simple amethyst drop earrings are the perfect example of a piece of jewelry that is beautiful in its own right but can work with the summer sun to even further enhance the look of the wearer.

Round Bezel Amethyst Drop Earrings
  1. Hoop Earrings For A Fun, Casual Vibe

Unless you are buying for a super formal occasion, jewelry trends over the summer tend to be much more about fun and self-expression than ultra elegance and sophistication. Hoop earrings are always a classic choice for elevating a look without making it too formal, and if you can find a pair that offer something a little bit different at the same time then even better.

Just like these sterling silver earrings, for example. They feature a really interesting and unique geometric design that provides a cool, modern take on the classic hoop shape. Perfect for a summer’s day spent out with friends having fun and making memories!

summer gifts
Sterling Silver Geometric Hoop Earrings

We hope you‘ve enjoyed these ideas for summer jewelry that will make gifts for anyone in your life who loves to accessorize. Please do browse the website for other great ideas from Diamond and Design Jewelers.


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