8 Stackable Bands To Wear With Your Wedding Ring

For many centuries, the wedding band was the only ring on the ring finger and then Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary Burgundy with a ring and in 1477, the diamond engagement ring was born. Eternity rings are older, being a love token dating back to ancient times and later as a promise ring but they became most popular in the 1960s and also became the third ring designed to sit alongside the bridal set on the ring finger.

But, time moves on, and as with anything to do with human fashion, trends change, and now stacking rings is as much of a style choice as stacking (aka layering) necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Stacked rings can be worn on any finger but a little more consideration needs to be given to the ring finger when an engagement ring and wedding ring already occupy space.

Creating a wedding ring stack depends on your existing bridal rings. Once upon a time, it used to be all about the classic center stone solitaire diamond in yellow gold for the engagement ring and a coordinating 14k gold wedding band but there is now so much more variety with white gold becoming the preferred precious metal and rose gold increasingly more common.

Many jewelers have stackable ring bands in their fine jewelry collections. This is a ring style that is seen by many to be incredibly versatile, suiting both minimalist and maximalist sensibilities. You can mix colors of precious metals, have diamonds from the smallest pave to large carat weight and choose from the whole range of gemstones and semi-precious stones to create your ring stack.

The whole point is that you are happy with your band set. It has to be comfortable so you’ll need to make sure that the individual rings sit well together but other than that, your options are limitless.

Here are some gorgeous stackable bands you can consider to create an eye-catching ensemble with your wedding ring set.

Tri-Color Stackable Ring Set 

This is a great ring choice because it achieves the look of stackable wedding bands yet it’s all just one ring. Although made from sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are all represented in this smart design, and the blend of the three colors means that this ring is perfect for all skin tones and jewelry preferences.

There’s an additional bit of sparkle with inset diamonds which will add extra bling to a stack containing a diamond engagement ring or a diamond wedding band. The ring is wider compared to other bands, which means that it will sit beautifully on the knuckle whether paired with others or worn on its own on another finger.

Sterling Silver Platinum Bonded Curved Band

If simplicity and elegance are something that you are very focused on achieving in your ring stacks, then this sterling silver platinum bonded curved band is perfect for adding an extra touch of style.

The ergonomic curve in the design makes the ring ideal for placing alongside a larger stoned ring, as the separate bezels won’t be forced to compete with one another for space at the risk of causing damage to either piece of jewelry.

It is great to experiment with the shape of your ring bands as well as the shape and size of the stones at play.

Sterling Silver Bujukan Beaded Stackable Band 

stackable bands

This ring offers something a little bit different if you want to add a change in texture to your ring stack. The beads bring a contemporary feel to a ring stack.

A narrower ring size than traditional engagement and wedding rings, this slim band ring offers interest without too much volume. It’s particularly good if you already wear your bridal rings as well as an eternity wedding band or anniversary ring. You can comfortably slip this one on to make a wearable stack of four. It’s all about having fun with your aesthetic and finding the combination of rings to stack that best shows your sensibilities and personality.

14K Yellow And White Gold Stackable Initial Ring 

A quirky but fun way to add a special personal touch to your wedding ring stack is to add your initial. Initial jewelry is back on trend again thanks in part to the relaunch of Sex And The City which made everybody think back to the classic Carrie necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker!

The beauty of a ring like this is that you can choose to have your initial, or perhaps the initial of your spouse instead to celebrate your love and dedicate your ring stack to them. It is designed to be worn above the wedding band where the initial sits nicely over the top.

(All initial letters are available)

14k Yellow Gold Stackable Open Ring With Black Diamonds 

stackable bands

When you chose your engagement ring and wedding band you probably thought they were the perfect rings. And you probably still feel that but, you’ve been wearing them for many years now, and just occasionally you might want to see a different look on your third finger, left hand!

Thanks to stacking rings, you can easily do this. You might want to add a touch of a different color. If your bridal jewelry is yellow gold, this ring is an exciting addition. The design is stylish being open-ended with the ends adorned by a cluster of black diamonds. It’s a great way to add color and an edgy look to traditional white diamond wedding rings.

Beaded 14K White Gold Band 

If it’s the texture you think is missing from your ring finger, choose from the wide range of stackable wedding rings that feature different sculpted or relief patterns on their bands.

Beads and sculpted shapes add real interest to this band ring in white gold that will work perfectly well with either highly ornate or plainer wedding rings.

Multi-Band Ring With Beaded 14k Yellow Gold Detail 

stackable bands

If you think your ring finger lacks drama, look no further than this stunner. The open cage-type shape means it’s not a great lump on your finger yet it still gives the impression of volume. And there’s so much detail.

The bands are a mix of plain and beads and the ring has four bezel set round white diamonds in two different sizes and a total carat weight of 0.50. thanks to the clever design it looks like four individual rings but has the comfort of being a single ring that looks fabulous with yellow gold bridal rings.

Stackable Channel Set Ring With Sapphires And Diamonds In 14k White Gold 

stackable bands

It is important to explore different looks when you create a successful ring stack, and this ring injects not only an interesting dimension but also color. It’s especially poignant if you want a birthstone ring for September (sapphire) to add a personal touch to your ring stack.

It may be a classic combination of white diamonds and blue sapphires but the juxtaposition of round stones and baguette stones is what makes this ring a statement piece. it will hold its own against any style of white gold engagement ring or wedding band whether they contain diamonds and sapphires or not. There's even extra sculptural detail around the top of the ring that’s lovely and visible when it’s worn as the top ring of a stack.


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