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Custom Designs
That Are Uniquely Yours

For the customer looking for an exclusive piece of jewelry, we offer CUSTOM designing.

The process is all done locally, then final manufacturing occurs in Los Angeles. Customization begins with an idea or desire from the customer, followed by collaboration with our professional designer, who listens carefully, then sketches and creates the perfect custom design. We can also work with a picture or photograph. The sky is the limit with this form of jewelry creation, and we love partnering with our clients to create a truly special one-of-a-kind piece.

Simple 3-Step Process

The process begins with the client’s ideas, as they work with our designer in store. Through questions and discussion, the customer’s needs and wants help to bring the plans to life. Budgetary considerations are discussed to achieve a design that is both beautiful and within budget.

After feedback from the client, sketches are created and ultimately a final design is set. Within a few days, our computer will generate a virtual design (CAD), and the conceptual computer design is printed out for the customer to see.

Next, consultations continue to fine-tune and develop the piece. Once final customer approval is achieved, a wax version of the jewelry is created so the customer can see and touch the designed piece prior to its final creation. If there are no changes to be made, final casting occurs.

The entire process normally takes anywhere from 10-30 days, yielding an incredible level of satisfaction, beauty and pride, not only for the customer but also for our team at Diamond & Design!

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