Diamond Jewelry Maintenance Tips

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that only works if the relationship goes both ways. Like all fine jewelry, especially jewelry with gemstones, diamonds need regular TLC if they are to maintain their luster to sparkle and shimmer as brilliantly as you want them to.

Taking care of your diamond jewelry is not difficult and you’ll find it even easier if you commit to a routine.

Whether you have predominantly, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, white gold, or any precious metals that contain diamonds, all you need to know about cleaning diamonds can be found right here.

As professional jewelers, we are happy to share with you our best tips to enable you to carry out the proper care of your diamond jewelry.

Follow The Last On/First Off Rule

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One of the best rules of diamond jewelry maintenance is known as the ‘first on, last off’ rule. This is essentially the habit of making sure that your jewelry is the last thing that you put on in the morning after you have applied all of your various body creams, lotions, and makeup, and the first thing that you take off before getting ready to go to bed at night.

This rule should apply to all items, including your diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring that you might want to wear all the time. All the different products you use can create a buildup of grime on your jewelry over time. It does apply to every beauty or toiletry product that you might use. Stuff can get between the prongs holding jewels in their settings while even hairspray can leave a film on diamond earrings.

It’s a simple rule but the longer you can keep your fine jewelry away from products that dull its shine and create a buildup of grime, the longer your jewelry will continue to look good and the less onerous a cleaning session will be.

Remove Jewelry During Intensive Activities

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There’s a whole list of activities that you do at home where you should take off any diamond jewelry before starting. This includes housework like cleaning and dishwashing and also gardening and painting and decorating. The alternative is to wear rubber gloves to protect your jewels.

There are also activities outside of the house where the same advice applies. Take your diamond jewelry off if you work with machinery or work in a dirty environment. Remove them before you begin a workout at the gym or if you go swimming. Also, you shouldn’t wear fine jewelry in a sauna because the heat can cause soft precious metals to go out of shape. This will weaken any setting that holds a diamond or other gemstones.

It is probably best if you take your precious jewelry off at home before you attend any of these activities as they are safer in your jewelry box than anywhere else, especially if you are lucky to have jewelry with a significant carat weight of diamonds.

Avoid The Use Of Harsh Chemicals

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The main reason for removing your jewelry before doing chores is to avoid them coming into contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach. Even if you aren’t using a bottle of bleach, many home cleaning products contain a form of bleach as well as other forms of ammonia, chlorine, and other strong ingredients.

We should say that it is best to wear gloves when cleaning to protect your hands not only your diamond rings, but we know that most women don’t!

Though diamonds themselves are pretty robust and can withstand most chemicals, it is the precious metals that you need to be more aware of. The harsh chemicals in household cleaners can have an adverse effect on silver, gold, platinum, and rhodium. Metals can tarnish and become dull.

Remember too, it isn’t just the cleaning products. If you use scourers, harsh brushes, and wire wool for your chores, these too can scratch and mark your jewelry.

So that deals with how to keep your diamond jewelry safe from environmental factors but what about the cleaning process?

Take For A Professional Clean Once A Year 

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Your beautiful pieces of fine jewelry deserve the best of care. After all, you or someone close to you has spent a considerable amount on acquiring them. Any investment needs to be looked after. You clean the house and wash the car, so you should show your jewels the same courtesy.

This means treating your jewelry to an expert cleaning once a year. Many high street jewelers offer a jewelry cleaning service. Not only will they clean the item but they will use their expert eye to identify any damage or potential areas of future concern.

Professional jewelers might have tools like ultrasonic cleaners that you don’t have access to at home and these can remove heavy tarnish and grime buildup that home cleaning solutions may not.

We’re not saying that every single piece of jewelry you own needs to be sent off for a professional clean annually, but we all have those extra special or extra valuable pieces that deserve that expert care and attention.

Do Regular Cleaning At Home

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Of course, just because you send your pieces off for annual professional cleaning, it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t also clean your jewelry at home in between times.

It is much easier to clean diamond jewelry at home than you might think. There are plenty of special and dedicated jewelry cleaners in the supermarket aisles that claim to be the only way to clean your pieces, but the truth is that everything you need to bring out the best in your jewelry can already be found in your kitchen and bathroom.

All you need is warm water and dish soap. You can add a pinch of baking soda if an item is particularly grubby. To clean a piece of jewelry, dip a soft cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush into the solution and gently wipe. Then dry with a soft cloth. You can end by buffing the item with a lint-free cloth if you wish. to bring up the shine.

Ensure the item is completely dry before putting it back on or putting it away.

We would like to add a word of caution here. The internet is full of hints, tips, tricks, and hacks claiming to be a way to clean your jewelry. Ignore them all! Do not use toothpaste, ketchup, vinegar, denture cleaning tablets, Alka-seltzer, beer, or club soda. If your jewelry is so noticeably dirty that you would potentially turn to such solutions, the only answer is to take it for a professional cleaning at your local jewelry store.

Store Your Jewelry Properly

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Supplementary to keeping your jewelry clean is helping to prevent it from becoming dirty. Your precious items should be kept carefully in a suitable home when not in use. Any special piece should have its own little pouch or box and jewelry shouldn’t just be piled together.

Use these tips to keep your diamond jewelry in tip-top condition and it will bring you joy for a lifetime.

Complimentary Cleaning at Diamond & Design Jewelers

Bring in your jewelry pieces for complimentary cleaning and inspection (which we recommend at least once every three months) at our store location, details here. While our jewelry is handcrafted with quality workmanship, it is not indestructible. Following the care suggestions above will help you keep your jewelry secure and beautiful for years to come.


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