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  • Delightfully Feminine Drop Earrings Featuring Circular Diamond Clusters Set in 14k Rose Gold

  • Elegant Column Of Tapered Diamonds Accented With Smaller Diamond Charms on 14k White Gold Necklace Chain

  • Dazzle Her With Diamonds Stunning 14k White Gold Engagement Ring Featuring Criss Cross Style Pave Diamond Band

  • Swinging Bands of Diamonds With Halo on Designer Engagement Ring Setting in 14k White Gold

  • Circular 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Earring With Clear Quartz Over Lapis

  • Mirrored Sized Triangle Pendants Reflect on 18k Rose Gold Diamond Encrusted Pendant Necklace

  • Oval With Frame Decoration 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant With Clear Quartz Over Amazonite