How Do You Create a Custom Engagement Ring?

There’s nothing more meaningful than a custom engagement ring. A one-of-a-kind engagement ring is an expression of love that’s as unique as your love itself. And if you’ve ever considered creating a custom engagement ring, we have good news: creating a custom engagement ring is much easier than most people think it is.

At Diamond & Design Jewelers, we create gorgeous, custom engagement rings and wedding bands every day. And while we’ve found that many people think that creating a custom engagement ring will be complicated or exorbitantly expensive, it really isn’t. Since we have a team of in-house jewelry designers and our own jewelry workshop in Los Angeles, our custom creation process is easy and streamlined. And because a custom design allows you to control every element of your engagement ring, a custom engagement ring certainly doesn’t have to cost a fortune-- your ring can be as minimalistic or as extravagant as you desire.

To give you some insight into just how easy and pleasant creating a custom engagement ring can be, below, we’ll share our simple five step custom bridal design process. Our process allows you to stay highly involved so you’ll love every detail of your ring, while our team does all the work to make your dream ring a reality.

How to Create a Custom Engagement Ring in Five Steps

Step 1: Consultation

Our custom design service always begins with a consultation. During your consultation, you’ll share your aesthetic goals for your custom engagement ring with one of our expert jewelry designers. You’ll discuss what you want for your ring’s overall design, your precious metal preference, and what you have in mind for your center stone, side stones, and ring settings. If you have any inspiration images, any sketches you’ve made yourself, any examples of engagement ring styles you love, or any unique touches you have in mind for your ring, you can share them with your designer during your consultation.

Note that your custom creation can feature any element you desire. You can create anything from a chic solitaire to a highly detailed and unique engagement ring, and your ring could feature yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, prong settings, bezel settings, pave settings, or any combination of elements that speaks to you. Whatever you have in mind for your perfect ring, we’re here to make your vision into a reality.

Step 2: Sketching Your Design

After narrowing in on what you want from your ring’s design, we’ll move into the design process. You’ll discuss your budget with your designer, who can help you adjust your design to accommodate accordingly if necessary. Then, you’ll work with your designer as they create the initial sketch of your custom ring, which will feature a design that suits both your aesthetic goals and your budgetary guidelines.

Step 3: 3D Rendering

Once you’ve approved your design’s sketch, we’ll take a deposit and begin the next step of our design process: 3D rendering. One of our technicians will generate a CAD image of your custom design, which will allow you to visualize your design and view it from multiple angles. After viewing the 3D rendering of your design, you can make changes to it if necessary. We want your custom piece to be perfect, so we allow for unlimited design changes at this point in the process. You can tweak your design in any way you desire and as many times as you need before we create your custom piece.


Step 4: Production

Image Courtesy of Beyond4Cs

Once your final CAD image is approved, we’ll move into the production process. Our custom designs are individually crafted by expert artisans at our Los Angeles workshop, where each design is made from start to finish. To ensure the quality of our designs, we never outsource any part of our production process.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

It takes around 2 to 4 weeks for our artisans to create your custom engagement ring. Once your custom ring design has been created, we’ll inspect it at our jewelry store. We’ll examine your ring to assure quality and put any finishing touches into place. Then, we’ll present you with your perfect, one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring.

Final Thoughts

Creating a custom engagement ring is much easier than most people think it is. And when you create a custom piece at Diamond & Design, we strive to make your experience not only easy, but enjoyable. Designing your own engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be fun, special, and memorable. We take great care to ensure everyone who collaborates with us to create a custom design loves their final product-- but also enjoys the design process, from start to finish.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom engagement ring design process, click here. To schedule a custom bridal design appointment at Diamond & Design, click here. If you’re interested in creating a custom piece that is not an engagement ring or wedding ring, click here to learn more about our other custom design services. While we specialize in custom bridal design, we can custom create any type of diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, or precious metal jewelry. So whether you’re looking for a unique custom piece to wear yourself or a beautiful custom piece to gift, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

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