How to Create a Stunning Ring Stack

If you like to stay on top of jewelry trends, you'll know that one of the most prevalent of the past few years is that of layering, also known as stacking.

Don't think that layering means just putting on a collection of bracelets earrings or rings. This will create more of a hippy or Boho look. Layering is more of a curated creation.

The art is in putting together a mix of pieces to create a balanced, interesting aesthetic. Generally, three pieces of jewelry are used but as with all rules, this can be broken to suit your own style and the picture you want to create.

All types of jewelry can be layered. You can create stacks with necklaces, bracelets/bangles, earrings and rings. Whether you're new to the idea or you aren't confident you've mastered the art yet, we can all do with some hints on creating a great layered look.

Let's take a look at how to create the perfect ring stack.

To start, you need a variety of ring styles in your jewelry collection. Don't however, let having a nice selection put you off buying additional rings. We should never need an excuse to buy more jewelry! That new ring might be the key to a perfect stack.

Your basic collection should contain different styles of rings including dainty rings and chunky rings, rings of yellow gold and white gold, and simple bands and diamond rings. If you really want to embrace the art of ring stacking, you might want to extend your stackable rings collection with knuckle rings, standalone rings, rings with gemstones and even antique rings. Jewelry designers have even introduced stacking rings to their ranges to make things easier.

With a selection of rings, you are ready to get your stack on. Here are our tips on how to create a stunning ring stack.

Which Finger Should You Be Stacking On?

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If you are going by tradition, then the obvious place for a ring stack is the ring finger of the left hand. For many women, the bridal set (engagement ring and wedding band) when joined by an eternity ring is a stack created naturally and without effort.

Other than the selection of gorgeous rings for the ring finger, there's no artistry involved in the layering so you can apply the art to any finger on either hand. Why would you want to restrict yourself to just one finger when you have ten (or is it eight?!) to play with? A couple of rings over a couple of fingers is a popular look.

If you want to be more feminine and delicate, then wearing one or two delicate rings across a number of fingers on each hand looks and feels more refined.

If you want to go bold in a maximalist aesthetic, then feel free to incorporate as many fingers as you want to. The boldest ring or a statement piece looks best on the pointer finger on each hand, as it's the most 'forward facing' finger when making a fist.

How Many Rings Should Be in Your Stack?

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Anything fewer than three rings on a finger doesn't really count as a stack to most people, so treat that number as your base. Make sure that each of these three reflects something about your personality while also working together in style harmony.

As for how much of your finger length a stack should cover, there is no maximum as such but they should remain below your knuckles. How many that means totally depends on the length of your fingers.  It's unusual to see rings worn between the two knuckles of one finger but if you're comfortable and like the look, go for it. (Remember, it's not easy to find rings that are small enough to wear in this position.)

The ring style may also affect the number in your stack. If you choose a wide, open-style,  multi-band ring and pair it with a slim band, you might find you achieve the effect you want in just two rings.

What Is The Best Number Of Rings To Stack Together?

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If you choose to stack your rings on multiple fingers across the hand, make the stacks different lengths to avoid an ugly uniformity.

Work on creating some negative space by leaving at least one finger bare. Think of high and low tides, or yin and yang. Wearing rings on alternate fingers and spreading out the stack sizes across the hand is the most stylish way to go about this trend.

When stacking on both hands at once, try not to end up having a mirror effect on opposite fingers, because this won't look as fluid as mixed sets. Wearing different rings and different numbers of rings on alternate fingers creates a nice, balanced look whereas 10 - 20 rings on one hand or across two hands can be too much.

Can You Have Ring Stack and a Bracelet Stack Together?

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The general consensus seems to be that you should wear either one or the other, rather than stacking both bracelets and rings at the same time. Of course, the only real rule that you should let govern you is your own sense of personal style, but in terms of the classic trend, doing too much of both together can feel too crowded and busy to be cool and chic.

If you want to wear rings and bracelets, then consider loading one wrist with your favorite bangles and bracelets and stacking your rings on the opposite hand. This creates a bit of a gap and some balance between the two jewelry types.

Focus On The Nuance

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If you wear an engagement ring, then that is always a good place to start as it indicates which finger to focus on. It is important to focus on the nuance of the pieces that you are putting together, so try to find rings that feature complementary elements rather than anything that looks too similar or anything that is so distractingly different that it creates an unattractive contrast.

A perfect run stack is as much about the personality as it is the aesthetic, so the more pieces you can put together that hold special personal meanings and memories, the better. Not only will it give the stack a unique character to you, but it will also provide plenty of opportunity for conversation if anyone should ask you about the jewelry that you are wearing.

A good way to achieve nuance is by experimenting with pops of color, different metal colors, and different shapes. With so many different types of rings in a hugely extensive range of styles, it's fun to see what works together.

You'll already know what to steer clear of and what will work and what won't. For example, your instinct will tell you not to put an intricately designed sterling silver ring between two rings with yellow gold bands because it doesn't create a visual balance.

Considering nuance also means thinking about the occasion. Is a handful of stacked rings suitable for your everyday wear or do you leave raiding your jewelry box for evenings and weekends? You'll know if your personal touch is appropriate or not.

Just mix and match and have fun finding combinations you love for the right time to wear them.

Stacking Wedding Band And Engagement Ring

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If you are committed to always having your engagement ring and your wedding band next to each other in the traditional way it is going to limit your ring stacking options.

You do have a little leeway in this convention. You can wear your bridal set with the wedding ring at the base and the engagement ring above - this is symbolic of the wedding ring being closer to your heart. Or, you can swap them around so they are worn in the order that they are received, so the engagement ring first and the wedding ring next. Being presented with an eternity band may mean you need to swap things around.

Of course, it is your choice to do what you wish with your own bridal rings, and whichever way best fits your preferences is always going to be best for you!

If you are looking for unique and interesting new rings to add to your own collection, then we are confident that you will find plenty to match your personal style at Diamond And Design. From your thumb to your middle finger to your ring finger and the rest, we have a design for every digit and every kind of occasion! Whether you prefer classic simplicity or more ornate, sparkly, intricate creations, we can guarantee that you will find something that will make you fall in love with jewelry all over again.


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