How to Plan the Perfect Fall Wedding 

Fall is a beautiful time to tie the knot, but planning a fall wedding isn’t without its challenges. Discover how to tackle tricky aspects of fall weddings and lean into the unique magic of the season as we go over how to plan the perfect fall wedding. 


Plan for Unpredictable Weather 

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One of the harder parts of planning a fall wedding is preparing for unpredictable weather. Fall weather can change quite a bit from day to day, especially early in the season. It can also vary dramatically depending on where you are in the world. Depending on your location, your venue, your wedding date, and your time of day, fall wedding weather can range from hot to freezing. 

To prepare for the fall season’s erratic weather, consider all possible weather conditions. Talk to your venue about the possible temperature range for your big day. Then, plan for what’s expected and make sure you have a backup plan for rainy or especially cold conditions. Indoor-outdoor wedding venues tend to be particularly good at adapting to variable circumstances, so keep that in mind if you’re still on the hunt for your perfect venue. 


Keep Your Wedding Party Comfortable 

If you’re having an outdoor fall wedding reception, choose your bridal party’s attire thoughtfully. Short bridesmaid dresses are probably not the way to go if you’ll be dealing with chilly temperatures. And if it could be cold enough for the wedding party to need jackets, have a layered option for them. By having matching wraps or cute shrugs on hand, your bridal party will be able to remain coordinated no matter the weather. 


Select a Fall Color Palette

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An autumnal color scheme is a must for a fall wedding, but you don’t have to stick to using only fall foliage colors. You could also opt for rich jewel tones, chic greenery-inspired colors, or elegant neutral tones. There are so many wedding color palettes that work well with an autumnal backdrop, so keep an open mind as you consider your options. 


Take Advantage of Off-Season Discounts 

Some venues and vendors offer off-season discounts during fall. As you settle on your final autumn wedding date and search for the right vendors, be sure to ask about possible seasonal discounts. Just asking could help you save thousands of dollars on your big day. 


Treat Your Guests to Comfort Foods 

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Fall is the season of sweet Halloween treats and hearty Thanksgiving fare, so there are plenty of delicious seasonal offerings you can provide your guests. While you don’t have to put pumpkin spice in everything, it is a good idea to lean more towards comfort foods and warm drinks during fall. Think mashed potatoes, smoked meats, caramel apples, apple cider, hot chocolate, and s’mores.


Utilize Seasonal Wedding Decor 

Make the most of the fall’s natural beauty and incorporate seasonal decor. Use elements like pumpkins, colorful leaves, and gourds as centerpieces and decorative accents. Choose in-season fall flowers, like dahlias and sunflowers, for your floral arrangements. Or, skip traditional flowers entirely and use dried wheat as table decor. 


Find Your Perfect Fall Wedding Rings Early

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Many wedding rings are made to order, so be sure to order yours at least six weeks before your fall wedding. It can take some people months to find the right rings, so wedding planners recommend that you start ring shopping three or four months before your wedding. 

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