Jewelry for Every Occasion: From Casual to Red Carpet

For a lot of people, one of the best things about having a large jewelry collection is owning lots of different pieces that are suitable and preferred for different occasions. From formal events and special events to more casual events that might require a more casual outfit, one of the great joys in the jewelry world is being able to express your personal style no matter the occasion. Whether special or formal or something relaxed and normal, there is no excuse not to have some touch of elegance or touch of glamour in your look!

Of course, the notion of glamour is different for everybody, and very much depends on your personal preference. Even if you are not likely to find yourself out at red-carpet events on a regular basis, that doesn't mean that you should be able to enjoy a statement piece or two courtesy of your jewelry box!

The beauty of your own jewelry collection should be in its versatility so you have something you love to wear every day or for every occasion. 

General Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry For an Occasion 

Free Silver-colored Bracelet With Clear Gemstones Stock Photo

Choosing the right jewelry for any occasion involves considering various factors, including the event's formality, your outfit, personal style, and even cultural or religious considerations.

These steps will help you choose the appropriate jewelry for any occasion:

  1. Determine the Occasion:

Is it a special occasion like a wedding, gala or a black-tie dinner?
Is it a casual gathering, such as a brunch, picnic, or a day at the beach?
Is it a formal occasion like a professional or business event?

  1. Consider Your Outfit:

Think about the color, style, and neckline of your clothing. Different necklines and dress styles complement certain types of jewelry. For example, a high neckline might work well with statement earrings, while a V-neck may pair nicely with a pendant necklace.
Choose jewelry that enhances your outfit without overpowering it. Even statement pieces need the right backdrop to look their best.

  1. Match Metal Tones:

Ensure that the metal of your jewelry (e.g., gold, silver, rose gold) complements the metal accents or color of your clothing and accessories, such as your handbag or shoes.

  1. Consider Your Personal Style:

Your personal style should shine through in your jewelry choices. If you prefer minimalistic and subtle pieces, go with those. If you like bold and statement jewelry, choose pieces that reflect your style.

  1. Occasion-Specific Guidelines:
  • For formal events, choose elegant and timeless pieces, like diamond studs, a classic pearl necklace, or a sleek bracelet.
  • Casual events may allow for more creative and colorful pieces, like beaded or layered necklaces and fun, bohemian-style bracelets.
  • For professional settings, opt for understated and simple jewelry, such as small stud earrings and a delicate necklace.
  1. Consider Cultural or Religious Factors:

Some cultures or religions have specific guidelines for jewelry, so be mindful of any restrictions or expectations.

  1. Keep it Balanced:

Don't overload on jewelry. Less is often more. Focus on one statement piece and complement it with more understated items.

  1. Think About Comfort:

Ensure that the jewelry you choose is comfortable to wear for the duration of the event. Heavy or bulky pieces might not be ideal for long gatherings.

  1. Be Mindful of the Time of Day:

The time of the event can influence your jewelry choices. Daytime events often call for lighter and more casual pieces, while evening events may warrant more formal and dazzling jewelry.

  1. Trial and Error:

If you're unsure, experiment with different combinations to see what works best with your outfit. Take pictures to help you make your decision.

  1. Consider Your Skin Tone:

Certain metals and gemstones may complement your skin tone better than others. For example, gold can complement warm skin tones, while silver may suit cooler tones.

  1. Don't Forget Your Hair and Makeup:

Your hairstyle and makeup can also influence your jewelry choices. Updos might call for statement earrings, while loose hair might allow for more visible necklaces.

Ultimately, your choice of jewelry should enhance your appearance and make you feel confident and comfortable for the occasion. Trust your intuition and consider the guidelines mentioned above to select the perfect pieces for any event.

 With all of this in mind, here are some of the occasions in which you might want to find the perfect piece (or perfect pieces) of jewelry to wear. Whether you are looking for a pop of color, a touch of sparkle or a more subtle touch of sophistication, there are always going to be pieces of jewelry and types of jewelry to fit the bill.

Everyday Wear 

14K Yellow Gold Kite Shape Single Stud Earring

Let's start off with the most basic occasion of them all, plain old everyday! Simple jewelry is obviously going to be the go-to. For a regular day when nothing of note is planned, you can choose cute pieces like choker necklaces, simple earrings, and more understated styles. Consider bright colors and light colors to combine with a simple outfit.

Formal Events

Antique-Inspired Halo Drop Earrings With Long Cushion Rose-Cut Simulated Diamonds

At the other end of the spectrum, we have occasions when a more formal outfit and accessory combination is required! For occasions like black tie events where a formal dress is most common, a piece of jewelry can really make the difference. The favored all-black ensemble can be superbly lifted by the right jewelry choices. Apply a glamorous touch to formal attire with timeless pieces like diamond earrings, or perhaps even something dramatic like an emerald necklace.


Sterling Silver White Sapphire Sideways Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Unless company rules forbid it, jewelry is still suitable in a professional setting, as long as you get the balance right. Opt for pieces on the most subtle and tasteful end of the spectrum, like stud earrings, simple necklaces and perhaps some bangle bracelets (as long as they don't get in the way of your work!

Casual Outings 

14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond Chain Bracelet

Some of the best days are spent doing casual activities with friends and family, and the best kinds of jewelry to wear on these days are things like unfussy earrings, perhaps some gold jewelry ... pretty much anything that would be placed in the category of understated styles. Hoop earrings are always a good suggestion for casual glamour.

Date Night 

Y-Necklace In Sterling Silver Bonded With Platinum With 14-Karat Gold

There is a huge range of styles for date night. What you pick to wear will depend on where you are going and the type of outfit that you are going to wear. If you're going casual, to the movies or a night of bowling, your picks will be different from jewelry you'd wear to a meal in a restaurant. Perhaps something like a classic style necklace can accentuate a neckline, as a romantic dinner might involve a low-cut dress! If in doubt, a pair of diamond studs and nice chain will fit the bill for any date night.

Special Parties 

18k White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings

A special party deserves a special piece or two as accessories.  From birthday parties to an anniversary party and everything in between, these kinds of special events are great for wearing items that might be on the more personal and sentimental side. The perfect accessory will be different for everyone, but we always think a good pair of statement earrings provides the perfect finishing touch for a party look.


 Tri-Color Stackable Rings With Simulated Diamonds In Sterling Silver

No time better than the likes of Christmas, New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day to bring out some of the sparkliest statement jewelry! Those who want to make memorable photos and memories on special holidays should go the extra mile and wear things like chandelier earrings, a mixture of precious metals, and generally any stunning pieces that have that timeless classic feel.

Job Interview 

Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet With "&" Symbol

A job interview probably isn't the best occasion for your pieces with the most exquisite craftsmanship, but you should not be afraid of incorporating some more classy but sensible pieces to give your work attire that little boost of personality. Bracelets and rings can be good for this, especially if your career involves a lot of gesturing work or typing. They will add a little touch of luxury. 

Travel And Vacation 

925 Sterling Silver Oval Smoky Quartz Ring

Depending on where in the world you are going, it can be great to emphasize your vacation style with your favorite pieces of jewelry. When you are in holiday mode, you should feel more open to wearing more trendy pieces, with vibrant colors and more bold styles. Vacation is the time to let loose and express yourself!

Sporting Events 

Silver Fashion Ladies Ring

And don't forget that sports also have a place or jewelry of a certain kind! If you are on your way to a big match to support your team, then think about wearing pieces of jewelry that feature colors to match the jerseys of the side that you are rooting for. It is a fun and clever to stay stylish even when you are standing up there shouting in the bleachers!

We've highlighted just a few items from the huge range of jewelry we have at Diamond and Design. Browse our store because we're confident you'll find the perfect piece for any occasion. 



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