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Eco Friendly

For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.

Ethically Sourced

All in all, mined diamonds result in 1 injury for every 1,000 workers annually, while lab-grown diamonds result in zero.

Competitively Priced

No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds.

Carefully Curated 
Lab Grown Diamonds

With over 25 years of international Lab Grown Diamonds buying and selling experience, we have never bought a Lab Grown Diamond without analyzing it in person. We tirelessly search for the absolute best Clarity within a Clarity grade and the same standards are applied for Color and for Cut. Guaranteed.

This is what allows our Lab Grown Diamonds to stand out from the rest, and why we are able to offer the best Lab Grown Diamond trade-in program in the Inland Empire.

Don’t buy the certificate, buy the Lab Grown Diamond. And click to see why we won’t ever sell ours online.
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Buying Tips

Buying jewelry, especially an engagement or wedding ring, is generally not a single visit situation. You’ll probably be visiting that place again. So if you’re a little unsure of where to start, we put together a list of a few things to consider when choosing where to purchase your jewelry.
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Hand-Selected For You

We don’t carry Lab Grown Diamonds that maximize our profit margins, we carry the Lab Grown Diamonds that maximize their beauty and value. We’re happy to provide guidance and full disclosure on how to select the perfect diamond for your needs – not the Lab Grown Diamonds that fits ours.
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Lab Grown Diamonds Education

Because Lab Grown Diamonds are so valuable, it’s essential to have a universal grading system for comparing their quality. In the 1940s and ’50s, GIA developed the 4Cs and the GIA International Diamond Grading System™ to objectively compare and evaluate Lab Grown Diamonds. Click on each section below to learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds.
The 4 C’S
Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

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