Sapphire Jewelry for Every Occasion

When it comes to pieces of jewelry that you want to make a statement, pieces containing sapphires can fit the bill. Any type of classic sapphire jewelry is going to look great regardless of the occasion that you are dressing for. While there's a temptation to turn to diamond jewelry for a special occasion or formal event, a beautiful sapphire can really make the difference and elevate a look with a splash of color.

The Allure of a Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the four true precious stones alongside diamond, emerald and ruby (all other stones used in jewelry are classed as semi-precious). Most people think of beautiful blue stones but there are various colors of sapphire.

Sapphire is the mineral corundum and it is the presence of different trace elements during formation that create different colored stones. Pure corundum produces a white sapphire but titanium, chromium, iron and vanadium, in varying degrees and solo or in combination can produce pink, yellow, green, black, brown and orange sapphires. Despite the beauty of the other colors, blue sapphires are the most popular choice for jewelry.

If you want to experiment with a bit of color or even a range of colors in your jewelry collection, then sapphires are the ideal precious stones to choose. The variety of choice in this single beautiful stone will be able to provide you with the burst of color from the color wheel that you are looking for, while also maintaining the air of sophistication and style that is so important in the world of jewelry. The great thing about sapphires is that they work with all precious metals in jewelry pieces: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver.

Another attraction of sapphire is that it is (in its blue form) the birthstone for September. Sapphire represents sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility.

With all of this in mind, here are some examples of occasions when any type of sapphire jewelry would be the perfect choice. With so much variety to select from, it really is impossible to make a bad choice when blue sapphire jewelry and the surrounding family of colors are in the equation.

Wedding Day

 Lab-Grown Sapphire Earrings 14-Karat Gold

Let's start with one of the most important days of all, your wedding day! Depending on the color scheme and overall aesthetic that you choose, sapphires might be the perfect blue wedding jewelry.

Drop earrings, for example, are the ideal piece of jewelry to incorporate into a wedding outfit without taking over the entire ensemble and looking out of place.

Everyday Wear

14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Fashion Necklace

It's important to remember that sapphires can very much be incorporated into your personal style and everyday style especially when you need a pop of color. Beautiful sapphire jewelry shouldn't just be reserved for the most special occasions!

For inspiration, think about the classic Princess Diana style in which she used to add pearls and a subtle piece of sapphire jewelry every now and then. Who would not want to emulate the style of Princess Diana whenever possible!?

Formal Occasions

14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stackable Ladies' Ring

Of course, for the grandest occasions, you need the grandest possible jewels! Something like a stunning sapphire ring is the perfect accessory to make a statement at a formal dinner. Exquisite sapphire jewelry is the ideal choice for any kind of evening wear.

Date Night

14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stud Earrings

You always want to look your best on date night, and the great thing about something like a pair of dainty sapphire studs is that they will go with any kind of clothing ensemble that you want to put together for meeting up with your partner.

Girls' Night

14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Bangle

Let's not forget that it isn't just date night that deserves a great set of jewelry. Those all-important girls' nights out require just as much attention! You might want to go fora more casual outfit, something a little bit more laid-back when hanging out with the girls, so maybe a beautiful sapphire cuff bracelet would fit the bill.

Birthday Gift

Sapphire Ladies Ring Silver With A Wide Band

Birthdays are always worth celebrating, so if you or somebody that you need to buy for is coming up to a milestone age, then sapphire jewelry gift ideas won't be out of place.  You'll find so many different styles when you go jewelry shopping, there will be the perfect piece for the birthday girl. With so many options, there is a vast range of prices so you should find the cost of sapphire jewelry in your affordable range.

Birthstone jewelry is always a good avenue to go down for a gift, so if the person you have in mind happens to be born in September, then you are very much in luck!


Sterling Silver Blue And White Sapphire Square Pendant Necklace

Graduation is one of the first big early milestones in any young person's life, and for that reason alone it deserves some memorable jewelry to go along with it.

There are plenty of great options that work for a perfect graduation gift, from a color sapphire diamond pendant to a bracelet and anything in between. A sapphire necklace in particular is a great choice because it is something that can be worn and highlighted in the classic graduation photos that are going to be taken!

Mother's Day

Sterling Silver White Sapphire Flower Pendant Necklace

Mother's Day is one of the most special celebration days of the year for so many people, and if you are looking for a way to show your own mom just how much you love her then sapphires make for the perfect style of jewelry for a memorable gift.

Something dainty and fun like a sapphire flower pendant or a white sapphire bangle is ideal for the laidback and more casual atmosphere that a day like Mother's Day usually tends to create.

Engagement Ring


14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Jacket Anniversary Band

When it comes to pieces of jewelry that you are going to be wearing every day for the rest of your life, an engagement ring certainly fits the bill! Of course, the more traditional kinds of engagement rings are those that have a central diamond stone, but if you want to follow a slightly less conventional path then something like a colored sapphire ring would be equally as stunning.

A classic blue sapphire ring is certainly grand enough to make the kind of statement that it takes to make someone say yes to the all-important question!

Eternity Ring

14k White Gold Hampton Fashion Ladies' Ring

An eternity ring is a classic symbol in jewelry of eternal love and a lifelong commitment, usually in a romantic sense for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common occasions for the giving of an eternity ring include after the birth of a child, when renewing a commitment or for a milestone anniversary.

Sapphires are a perfect choice for this kind of ring that is deliberately distinct from something like a diamond ring.

45th Anniversary

14k White Gold Stackable Anniversary Band

Did you know that sapphire is the official stone to signify a 45th anniversary? Any marriage that makes it all the way to 45 years of commitment deserves to be celebrated in such a grand fashion, so think big on this one with anything from oval sapphires in earrings to a stunning purple sapphire pendant.

Look for something that has that eye-catching finishing touch that is needed to mark such an amazing romantic achievement between two loving partners.

We hope this list has given some ideas of how sapphires work for everyday jewelry and for formal events. We've shared just a few items of the high-quality sapphire jewelry we have at Diamond and Design. Feel free to browse our collection to find jewelry with personality you'll feel good about giving.

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