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Your Jeweler For Life

As a full-service jeweler, we have complete control over the quality of our jewelry, as everything is done in house and never out-sourced. We design, manufacture and create all custom work locally; our jewelry is all hand-selected and exquisitely tailored.

We are prepared, knowledgeable and always available to handle any jewelry request, from minor repairs such as fixing a broken gold chain, to more detailed services like rebuilding an antique ring, which can add new life and beauty to an older yet sentimental piece of jewelry.

Our professional staff offers several maintenance options on any type of watch, from battery replacement to adjusting watch bands/bracelets, to full service cleanings/updates on high end automatic watches.


Maintaining your Jewelry

We stand behind our products and services, and want to make sure you’re happy with any purchase or repair made at Diamond & Design. We are happy to check, inspect, and clean any piece of jewelry you may have, whether it was purchased/repaired from us, or not. We want to make sure we can service you openly and honestly and do not discriminate against products that were not purchased from our store.

We do all our repair and custom work in-house, and work with only USA based designers to ensure all our products are quality made. With that said, please follow the link to see some suggestions for maintaining your jewelry.