Should you buy a Diamond Online?


The Difference

The picture you see here was taken of two diamonds with nearly identical certificates – the diamond on the left is a stone that we handpicked for our store and the stone on the right was one a client brought in that they purchased from one of the major online retailers. But here’s the kicker… they are both graded almost exactly the same! Their grades are as follows: H/SI1/Ex-Ex-Ex with no fluorescence and although both were graded by the same laboratory (GIA), they look vastly different. Simply put, there are some things a certificate cannot capture, and that is where a reputable independent jeweler comes into play.

Unmatched Value

The diamonds we carry are usually comparable to THE most expensive stones online, because those are the premium diamonds we purchase before they can get on these websites – only ours actually end up costing less. You simply cannot capture a diamond on a piece of paper and expect to make the best quality choice, so we won’t ever put you in that position.
Different Colored and Shaped Diamonds

Our Diamond Trade-In Guarantee

Because we have hand selected every diamond we ever sell, we offer a full value trade-in toward any other loose diamond purchase (earrings, solitaire necklace, or loose diamond) of any shape, size, or quality, as long as it’s an upgrade – no $$ amounts, games, or catch involved… As in, if you buy a diamond from us for $4,000 and want to get a diamond thats $4,100 one, seven, or twelve years later, you only pay the difference – it doesn’t matter if you went up or down in any parameters or even a different shape – as long as it’s an upgrade, you get your full value back. When our clients purchase loose diamonds from us, they can always feel assured they will get their full value back with no strings attached. 

Most jewelers will offer a diamond trade-in policy, but none will be as flexible for the clients needs as ours – that’s because we are building a relationship, not just making a sale.

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