What’s the Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

Most people know that the 4Cs of diamonds-- diamond cut, clarity, color, and carat-- will affect a diamond’s price. The larger and more high quality a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. So, most people consider the 4Cs when weighing a diamond’s price. But did you know that there’s something that has absolutely nothing with carat weight or quality that can drastically affect a diamond’s price? Though it’s often overlooked by those shopping for diamonds, diamond shape can have an enormous impact on the price of a diamond.

Diamond shape is the shape a diamond was cut into, such as round, princess cut, or oval. And a diamond’s shape can affect its price by as much as 30%. Two diamonds can be the exact same carat weight and have the exact same qualities, but one could cost 30% more than the other if it’s the most expensive diamond shape. Wondering what the most expensive diamond shape is? It’s the beautiful, classic round diamond.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are easily the most expensive diamond shape. In part, that’s because round is the most popular diamond shape. More than half of all the diamonds sold today are round diamonds. This incredible popularity means that diamond miners and retailers can charge more for such an in-demand shape. But popularity isn’t the only reason round diamonds are more expensive. When diamond cutters create a round brilliant cut diamond, they have to discard more rough stone to create this specific shape. So, essentially, you have to pay for a larger stone than the one you actually end up with when you purchase a round diamond.

Whether or not you think round cut diamonds are worth spending more on all comes down to personal preference. Round cut diamonds are timelessly beautiful and incredibly brilliant, so some people think their higher cost is well worth it. But if you don’t like the idea of spending more just to get a round cut diamond, you have plenty of options in the fancy shaped diamond category.

The fancy shaped diamond category includes every diamond shape that is not round. Some examples of fancy shaped diamonds include oval shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, heart shaped diamonds, and princess cut diamonds.

Fancy shaped diamonds may be less popular than round cut diamonds, but they’re equally gorgeous. Then, fancy cuts offer quite a bit more style variety than round brilliant cut diamonds-- and, of course, they can cost up to 30% less. Wondering if a budget-maximizing fancy shaped diamond is for you? Take a look at a few of our favorite fancy shapes and see if one resonates with you.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds are quite similar in shape to round diamonds, yet they’re one of the most affordable of all the fancy shapes. This beautifully brilliant diamond shape looks like a square with rounded corners and it has a soft, classic look. Cushion cut diamonds also have a somewhat vintage style, since they’re technically a modern version of an antique diamond shape, the old mine cut. With their timeless shape and romantic vintage appeal, cushion cuts are one of the most lovely of all the fancy shaped diamonds.


Oval cut diamonds are brilliant, sophisticated, and quite traditional. This is another diamond shape that is very similar in style to round diamonds, yet costs much less. And, on top of that, oval cut diamonds have a size advantage. Oval diamonds carry much of their mass on their table (their top), so they look larger per carat than most other diamond shapes, including round. So, if you opt for an oval cut diamond for your engagement ring or another diamond piece, you can save money and get a larger-looking diamond-- what’s not to love?


Moving on to a fancy shape with a decidedly unique style, we have the gorgeous emerald cut diamond. Emerald cut diamonds feature long, step-cut facets that create glamorous flashes of light. This endlessly elegant diamond shape is absolutely stunning, but tends to cost around 25% less than a round brilliant would. And, like oval cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds have a size advantage. This elongated shape looks larger per carat than round cut diamonds, so an emerald cut diamond can help you maximize your budget and your diamond’s size.

Looking for more diamond shape inspiration? Browse the Diamond & Design Jewelers Online Store to view our wide selection of diamond jewelry, which includes diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, fashion diamond rings, diamond studs, diamond pendants, and much more. Whether you love the classic look of a round diamond or you’d prefer a fancy shape, such as an asscher cut diamond or a marquise cut diamond, our expansive selection of diamond jewelry has your perfect fit.

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