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Looking for Custom Bridal and Engagement Rings?

Custom Designs 
That Are Uniquely Yours

For our customers who are looking for something specially tailored to a specific feel, we offer custom design.

We do all our custom designs in our Los Angeles studio and never outsource to anyone else, ensuring the highest quality of work. Collaboration with one of our professional designers begins with as little as an idea, sketch, or picture. We listen to our clients needs and ensure they’re informed of every step of the process. Communication continues throughout and although custom design can take several weeks, the uniqueness of a handcrafted piece of jewelry built from scratch in our Los Angeles studio is always worth the wait. We love partnering with our clients to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
Diamond Rings With Sketches

Simple 3-Step Process

Manufacturing can take anywhere from one to four weeks from this point and we do multiple checks along the way to ensure the quality passes our inspection. After the piece has been finalized, we’ll do another round of inspection before we release the item to our client.
Diamond Ring Sketch
The process begins with the client coming into the store to discuss what they’re looking for – design aesthetics, budgets, and desired feel. We can use images, sketches, or other pieces of jewelry as inspiration while we collaborate to get a feel for what you want to do. Once we’ve established the vision, we’ll establish a budget to ensure we make something that is both beautiful and within budgetary concerns.
Diamond Ring Build
Once we take a deposit, we begin working on creating a virtual design rendering of the final item to really allow for a visual representation of what you’re going to be getting. We can continue to tinker or fine tune the design until our client is 100% happy with the image. Developing the initial images can take around one full week to produce, with unlimited follow-up adjustments done if necessary.
Diamond Ring
Upon approval of the CAD images, we’ll send the item for production, first by creating a wax version of the piece of jewelry. The client may also view the wax if needed to ensure fit or look is as desired. If there are no changes to be made, we send the piece to casting and begin manufacturing in our studio.

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