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Diamond & Design Jewelers is proud to be the premier provider of custom jewelry in Upland, CA. At Diamond & Design, a family-owned jewelry store, creating beautiful custom jewelry is our passion. We specialize in creating custom bridal jewelry and we create more custom engagement rings and wedding bands than anyone else in the Inland Empire. Upland, California’s trendsetting residents each typically have their unique sense of style, and novel statement jewelry is of particular importance to this crowd. Exquisite ready-to-wear fine jewelry is abundantly available in this city – but despite the ease of access to a broad variety of high-quality designer jewelry, there is also a huge market for custom jewelry in Upland.

In Upland and the surrounding areas of San Bernardino County, some of the highest-demand custom jewelry pieces include custom engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and charm bracelets. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details unique to custom jewelry pieces that Upland’s trendsetters are currently interested in owning.
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Custom Diamond Jewelry in Upland, California

Diamonds are the focal point of some of the most spectacular custom jewelry pieces that are currently being designed and sold in jewelry stores in the Inland Empire. They’re frequently the central focus of custom engagement rings, and they’re also popular components to use for designing custom pendants, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.

Diamond Shapes: Each diamond is a unique microcosm of shimmering splendor. Diamonds are typically cut into faceted shapes that take the best advantage of each stone’s distinguishing characteristics. The following are currently some of the most popular diamond shapes amongst Upland’s custom diamond jewelry buyers:

Round Cut: The round-cut diamond has historically been Upland’s best seller. This classic shape is always in style – so if you’re hoping to design a piece of diamond jewelry that will transcend fashion’s ever-changing trends, this is a diamond shape you’d want to consider choosing.

Princess-Cut: The princess cut is an enduring favorite with Upland’s jewelry-buying public. The details of this cut are not standardized, but princess-cut diamonds do share a couple of characteristics. First of all, they are either square or ever-so-slightly rectangular. Second, they have an angular appearance, with squared corners that can be one of two types: either French corners or bezel corners.

Princess-Cut: Diamonds are especially popular for making custom engagement rings and statement earrings.

When customizing a piece of jewelry, the princess cut tends to maximize the amount of the raw diamond you’re able to include in your piece. Diamonds cut into this shape tend to appear large, impressive, and particularly dazzling. So if you’re hoping to get an outstanding value for the money you spend on custom diamond jewelry, this cut is one you’ll want to consider. Furthermore, the princess cut is another classic diamond shape that has historically remained popular as other trends have come and gone.

Oval-Cut: The oval cut can have the effect of magnifying the appearance of the diamond, making it appear larger than comparable weight diamonds cut in other shapes. This cut tends to make the wearer’s fingers appear long and slim, so it’s a fantastic choice to consider if you’re hoping to select a particularly flattering diamond shape for a custom diamond engagement ring or other rings.

Marquise-Cut: The marquise cut is similar to an oval cut, except that it’s crisply pointed at the ends. Like the oval cut, this is a sophisticated cut that makes a fantastic custom ring, because the resulting diamond shape is likely to flatter the wearer’s hands in most situations.

Emerald-Cut: This is a historic diamond shape that is currently enjoying a sizable amount of interest from Upland’s millennial jewelry buyers. This cut is characterized by a rectangular shape and “step-cut” facets, which are facets that resemble ascending stair steps.
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Upland’s Highest Demand Metals for Custom Jewelry

Upland jewelry buyers have a variety of precious metals for their unique creations. Currently, the following metals are in high demand in Upland and throughout the Inland Empire:

White gold

Yellow gold


Rose gold

Pink gold

Custom Engagement Ring Settings

Solitaire Setting

The classic solitaire engagement ring features a single central diamond as the focal point. For the bride-to-be who wants a minimalist ring silhouette, this is an ideal choice to consider. It pairs easily with a variety of wedding bands, which is one reason that many people find this ring style appealing.

Halo Setting

A halo setting features a central gemstone surrounded by other diamonds or stones. The center stone is frequently a diamond, but it doesn’t have to be; alternatively, it could be a pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire, or other types of gemstones.

You can choose virtually any shape of diamond for your center stone, but round-cut diamonds and emerald-cut diamonds are currently some of the most popular choices for this style of engagement ring.

Other Current Custom Jewelry Trends in Upland, California

Diamond & Design is a full-service jeweler. So in addition to selling jewelry and creating custom jewelry, we provide a range of jewelry services. If you’re in need of jewelry repair services, watch repair services, engraving services, gem sourcing, or an appraisal, visit Diamond & Design and one of our jewelry experts would be happy to assist you.

Upland residents tend to be at the forefront of both jewelry trends and fashion trends. Here’s a brief list of some of the custom jewelry designs that are currently trending in Upland and the surrounding cities in San Bernardino County, California.

Stacked Jewelry: In particular, stacked engagement rings and stacked bracelets are popular.

Rainbow Jewelry: One-of-a-kind, customized rainbow jewelry pieces can include a variety of precious stones including rubies, garnets, sapphires, emeralds, agates, opals, and topazes, and many other colorful gemstones.

Charm Bracelets: This is one of the easiest pieces to customize; simply choose a chain and then choose the charms you want to wear on it for your own unique statement jewelry piece.

Drop Earrings: There are infinite numbers of interesting ways to combine diamonds, pearls, jewels, and precious metals to create fabulous custom drop earrings.
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