Wedding Bands for Her

Each of our unique in store engagement rings comes with an accompanying wedding band as a traditional option that is always available. With that said, we always welcome our clients to try on different styles to blend their own personal style with the jewelry they wear.

This includes offering customization to any of our current styles, wedding band enhancers that can truly change the entire aesthetic of a ring, or stackable options that complement many styles well in subtle or prominent ways.


Wedding Bands for Him

Traditionally, mens options have always been limited when it came to wedding bands. We have become an industry leader in providing a multitude of options for men’s rings by offering over 200+ in stock styles for men to try on at any given time.

Whether you want to see a traditional gold band, or an alternative metal band, we have many options to try on in-store to get a good feel for what will work for you and your lifestyle. Come in and view what options are available for you, including customizing a ring from scratch or modifying something you see that you like.


Custom Design

Custom design is a huge part of our business, and we routinely create unique wedding bands based on our clients desires or style outside of the norm.

Sitting down with our clients, we can discuss and try on in-store designs to get inspirations or ideas for a customized band made unique to you.