Top Graduation Jewelry Gifts 2023

If you know and love somebody who is set to graduate this summer, then you might be on the hunt for a thoughtful gift to celebrate the occasion in a memorable and special fashion. Of course, the idea of a perfect gift is going to vary from person to person, but when it comes to graduation gifts for women and girls in particular, we don't think that you can ever go wrong with a stunning piece of jewelry!

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a simple gift card will be good enough even though convenient. A graduate gift deserves the personal touch and should look and feel a little bit more special so you should make the effort to find a classic piece or beautiful piece you can be proud to present.

The task of finding the perfect graduation gift piece of jewelry is often easier said than done. With such a wide range of jewelry graduation gift ideas, it is no surprise that many people find themselves turning to gift guides during this time of year to help them find a meaningful gift.  You want that cute gift box to hold something gorgeous when you hand it over at the graduation party.

Here are some suggestions of jewelry pieces that we think are ideal for college graduation gifts. Jewelry might be a go-to graduation gift, but it remains a classic gift for one simple reason - it has timeless appeal for college grads now and when they move out of education into the world.

Sideways Butterfly Pendant Necklace

925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Sideways Butterfly Pendant Necklace

A gift for a new graduate should stand out from the usual common choices, but also be versatile enough to be able to be worn for many different occasions and suit many styles, and this dainty necklace in sterling silver fits the bill.

The adorable design of the butterfly is a simple but effective symbol of both femininity and of achievement, especially when you consider the journey that the animal has undertaken in order to become to beautiful, celebrated creature that it is in its final form. Very much like the journey that a college graduate takes!

Simulated Diamond Initial Pendant

Simulated Diamond Initial Pendant

One of the classic college graduation gifts is an initial necklace. Initial jewelry has an enduring popularity and any graduate with ambitions of making it big in a large city will love the comparisons to the likes of Carrie Bradshaw in the famous Sex And The City series!

The extra special touch with this bling-y necklace is the inclusion of the five sparkling simulated diamonds that lift it above a standard initial pendant. It has designer-stamped all over it and is sure to become a favorite piece.

(All letters of the alphabet are available)

Double Heart Ring Band

Double Heart Ring Band

We think this is one of the coolest pieces on the list. This is a serious piece of ring bling at a very attractive and affordable price. The scrolled double heart doodle design isn't immediately obvious, but the closer you look at this delicate item, the more interesting the visual becomes. And it's certainly helped by the inclusion of 96 simulated diamonds.

This kind of ring that holds a hidden message of romance is the perfect last-minute gift if the graduate in question happens to be your one true love! A lot of partners shy away from gifting diamond rings if they are not planning on proposing, but the range of messages in ring jewelry can extend far beyond the traditional act of engagement! This ring showcases love and affection without demanding commitment in post-grad life.

Amethyst Silver Chain Bracelet

Amethyst Silver Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets and simple and dainty enough to fit with any type of outfit choice, and they are also a genre of jewelry where you can experiment with color and different types of precious stones and metals.

Something that we really love is this amethyst silver chain bracelet, but it is worth noting that there are plenty of other color options available in a range of colors, so you can mix and match the jewelry to the recipient's favorite color. You might want to kill two birds with one stone - a stone that matches their birthday month so you present a graduation gift that is also a piece of birthstone jewelry.

This is the kind of jewelry piece that would look amazing in a custom gift box, so think about making or picking out some interesting packaging that can help to increase the beauty of this modern design minimalist piece.

Diamond Gold Huggie Earrings

Diamond Gold Huggie Earrings

If you want to splash out, nothing feels more celebratory and special occasion worthy than solid gold! These 14K gold diamond huggie earrings are bang on-trend and the perfect grad gift for the fashion-forward girl. They certainly fit the bill as a truly special mother daughter gift. You might want to consider gifting these before the big day, as we think they would look amazing in the senior pictures!

These stunning earrings will stand the test of time, and the beauty of the 'huggie' design is that they are versatile enough to suit any kind of outfit. Sure, they have more than a little bit of bling factor, but they would not look or feel out of place anywhere from a casual lunch with friends to an important business meeting at work; the ideal combination for any recent graduate going out into the world to advance their career and make the most of their leisure time!

Open Cuff Horseshoe Bracelet

Horseshoe Bangle Bracelet With Simulated Diamonds In Sterling Silver

If you want a personal gift with meaning, send your college graduate into the big wide world with a whole heap of luck for their future path as symbolized by the two horseshoes on this simple but lovely bangle.

With the simulated diamonds, it has enough detail to make a statement but without being showy. It's also the ideal style for the fashionista who loves to layer their jewelry as it works well in any stack on the arm.

14K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings


14k White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

No woman should go through life without a pair of diamond stud earrings! Given as a graduation gift, these will have a lasting impression of enduring love and pride in achievement.

Diamond studs are truly the everyday essential of the jewelry world. They will see your graduate all through life after college being wearable for absolutely any occasion, any setting and any outfit. They are easy to wear and super easy to style. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!


At Diamond and Design, we stock a very wide range of fine, precious and high-quality gold and silver fashion jewelry, many of which make ideal graduation gifts. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember when browsing the various jewelry gift options is to pick something that suits the personality of your intended recipient. Stick to the metals that you know they love, stick to the stones that you know they prefer, and opt for a type of item that you have seen them wearing before. If you follow those simple tips, you can't go wrong!





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