Why You Shouldn't Buy Diamonds Online

You can buy anything online these days but that doesn't mean you should. There is a blanket assumption that you can get a better deal online if you are prepared to browse around but for some items, price is not the most important factor. One luxury item is best purchased from a brick-and-mortar store and that is diamonds. 

You should not buy loose diamonds online! This is a different case from buying diamond jewelry. In the case of a piece of diamond jewelry, you are not just purchasing a gemstone but the design, creativity, style, and look. The diamond is an essential part of the aesthetic but the diamond has also been chosen by the ring's creator. 

Saying you shouldn't buy loose diamonds online is a bold statement because there are plenty of reputable online jewelers and diamond dealers. So, why not?

The diamond business is incredibly varied and wide-ranging. Thousands of diamonds in a variety of carat weights, sizes, shapes, cuts, and more are for sale. Part of the fun of looking for that perfect diamond is being able to examine different stones to find the gem that speaks to you.

Here are some of the reasons why visiting a physical vendor (jewelry store or diamond dealer) in person is preferable to buying a diamond online

Reliance On Descriptions And Photographs

Free Diamond Cubic Zirconia photo and picture why you shouldn't buy diamonds online

Buying a diamond from an online vendor is a gamble. You have to rely on descriptions and photographs.

Every diamond (natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds) should have an official certification to guarantee its authenticity. These certificates are issued by organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gem Society, the European Gemological Laboratory, and the International Gemological Institute. 

These certificates detail the stone against the diamond grading scale which is broken down into the 4Cs - carat, cut, color, and clarity

The diamond grading scales should be used in the description from the seller but unless you are familiar with all the different classifications within the 4Cs, it is difficult to picture the diamond. Descriptions are all very well but unless you are a diamond expert, one will read very much the same as the next.

This means there is heavy reliance on photographs. Unfortunately, as incredibly marvelous as technology is, not all images can capture the true picture of a diamond. 

You Can't Inspect The Stones Yourself

There are different elements of a diamond's quality that you need to check on, and buying online means that you are unable to do this in person. As stated above, a diamond listing with a good description, GIA certificate, and photographs will not be able to tell you the complete story.

There are lots of questions that can only be answered face to face, such as how does it dance in the light? How does it compare to other diamonds of a similar size? From which angles can you see any flaws that have been identified in the grading report?

When buying online, you are likely only able to purchase one diamond. You are unable to compare diamonds. A single diamond will always look fabulous when viewed by itself but you can only tell how well it measures up when compared with other loose diamonds. 

Inspecting a diamond enables you to put clarity grade and color grade etc into context. 

If you go to a store, there are hundreds of diamonds available to view. A diamond expert will listen to what you want in a diamond and will sort through their stock to find stones that fit your criteria. You will then be able to examine the diamonds and the expert will be able to explain all the nuances of the lab report and point out the differences between various diamonds. 

You Are Open to Scams

Free Close-Up Shot of Diamond Ring Stock Photo why you shouldn't buy diamonds online

Unfortunately, the diamond industry is as open to unscrupulous dealing as anything else. You have no guarantee that any online diamond dealer you browse is 100% genuine or that the quality of the diamonds is being sold. 

Of course, some excellent online-only retailers offer a fair deal on quality diamonds but you also need to be aware of online diamond stores that are disingenuous. 

What might not be right?

The grading certificate may not be accurate or even the right one for a particular diamond. Some diamond grading labs may grade higher than trustworthy, well-established labs. An inaccurate report or a mismatched certificate is meaningless. 

You may not receive the diamond you thought you were buying: It is normal practice in the diamond industry for online retailers to not directly own the diamonds they list for sale. This means the dealer may substitute the one you thought you were buying with a different stone. 

Some dealers may also artificially enhance a diamond's features: It's not easy but it is possible to enhance clarity for example. This can greatly affect the value of a diamond.

Dealers will disclose this kind of information but it will be in fine print in easy-to-miss sections on the website so you may think the deal is better than it is. 

To gain peace of mind for an online diamond purchase, you would need to get the diamond verified. This means finding a trusted jeweler who can test and confirm. In which case, it would have been better to visit a certified diamond salesman in the 

What Happens If You Are Unhappy With The Diamond?

You've ordered a diamond online, have patiently waited for it to arrive, and then unfortunately you are not satisfied with the product. What happens next?

The unfortunate truth is that it can be difficult to return a diamond bought online compared to a diamond bought in a physical store because the details of a return policy might not be as black and white.

There are so many different factors to consider including what customer service is like. How simple does the return process appear to be? Does it look like it is going to be a long, drawn-out hassle? These are important questions to ask yourself before deciding to buy a diamond online. At the end of the day, you can save yourself an entire world of trouble by skipping the online industry altogether and opting instead for the traditional experience of being able to get up close and personal with the stones before deciding to buy them.

There Is A Lack Of Customer Support And Communication

why you shouldn't buy diamonds online

One of the biggest benefits of shopping for diamonds in person rather than with online retailers is that you can communicate with a real expert and get all of the valuable advice and help from them in your decision-making process.

When you are doing it on your own with just a website page to help, there will always be a few vital things that you miss or simply forget to check, and when making such an expensive purchase, it is worth making the extra effort to visit a store and have somebody who can guide you.

If you need any help after your purchase, it can sometimes be a nightmare getting in touch with online diamond retailers, whereas when you have a return policy and contact details of a physical retailer, all you need to do is make a trip down there to receive immediate help. This alone should give you the kind of peace of mind that is preferable to the mystery of patchy online customer services. Do you want to discuss what could be critical issues with a chat box?

Service Is Limited

When you purchase a loose diamond online, it is essentially a very simple transaction. You choose a diamond, pay for it and receive it.

When you purchase from a diamond dealer or jewelry store, there is usually a whole range of post-sale services available. You might need your diamond to be sized, polished, or cleaned further down the road. Online diamond dealers do not typically offer such services. 

A jeweler may also offer a custom design service. Presumably, you have purchased a loose diamond because you have a specific piece of jewelry in mind for it. A design service will work with you from concept through to creation. They will bring your vision for a diamond engagement ring or diamond pendant to life incorporating the loose diamond you have chosen. 


In conclusion, while buying diamonds online may seem convenient, it comes with a host of risks and uncertainties that can lead to disappointment and even financial loss. With so much at stake, it's important to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a diamond.

That's why we recommend visiting Diamond & Design to view diamonds in person before making a purchase. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and providing you with the confidence you need to make the right decision.

By viewing diamonds in person, you can see their unique characteristics and appreciate their beauty in a way that simply isn't possible online. You can also rest assured that you're getting exactly what you paid for, without the risk of counterfeit or misrepresented diamonds.

At Diamond & Design, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized and transparent diamond buying experience. We understand that purchasing a diamond is a significant investment, and we're committed to helping you make the best decision possible. So why not come visit us today and see for yourself why buying diamonds in person is the way to go.

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