5 Unique Gemstone Pendant Necklaces You Should Be Wearing

No matter what trends come and go, gemstone jewelry remains a constant favorite.

Whatever type of jewelry you can think of, it can be fitted with sparkling, stunning gemstones; sometimes a simple solitaire, other times a hugely elaborate structure of different stones.

A pendant necklace puts gemstones front and center and whether you want subtlety or extravagance, you’ll find a huge diversity in design and style. And gemstones don’t just mean precious stones like diamonds, blue sapphires, and amethyst. It brings in semi-precious stones like garnet, tourmaline, and tanzanite and other materials classed as gemstones such as moonstones, agates, and rose quartz.

Everyone, everywhere, whatever gender or style they are, can find the perfect gemstone pendant necklace to suit their look.

Reasons to Wear Gemstone Jewelry

When you have one or two pieces of beautiful gemstone jewelry, you’ll have the perfect accessory to always make you feel special. The benefits go beyond the aesthetic appeal:

  • Gemstone jewelry is effortlessly elegant and can immediately lift an outfit from drab to fab.
  • There’s a massive diversity in design and types from a pearl necklace to a diamond choker, stunning engagement rings to birthstone earrings.
  • High-quality and uniquely designed gemstone jewelry never goes out of style.
  • For the eco-conscious, any piece of jewelry made from precious metal and set with gemstones is considered sustainable, and much more so than much modern and costume jewelry.
  • Some people believe in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones; for example, citrine is associated with success and prosperity and aquamarine is a symbol of hope and fidelity.

Of course, the main reason to wear gemstone jewelry is for its beauty. Here is our pick of five gorgeous and unique gemstone necklaces you might just fall in love with.

Hanging Pendant On 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace With White Topaz Over Amazonite

gemstone pendant necklaces

If you’re looking for a gemstone pendant that oozes Art Deco style, it is this wonderful example of the jewelry maker’s art.

Crafted from 18k yellow gold, the rectangular pendant hangs from a round link chain. Its geometric shape is so redolent of the period that inspires it and the total carat weight of the diamonds that border the pendant is 0.5 carats.

The center of the pendant is amazonite, a semi-precious stone that comes in a range of blue-green shades. Being prone to fracturing and splintering, amazonite is almost always covered by a layer of clear quartz as protection that in no way diminishes the beauty of the stone.

This eye-catching gemstone pendant necklace is ideal worn on its own as a statement piece with a neckline that shows it off or as part of a layered ensemble.

p.s. There is a matching pair of drop earrings.

14k White Gold Diamond Rock Crystal And Red Jade Fashion Necklace

gemstone pendant necklaces

If blue is not your first choice for a piece of jewelry, perhaps red is. Red is such a fabulous color to dress up a black outfit, looks great on white and can perfectly tone with lots of other colors.

A clever piece of jewelry design, the main feature of this statement necklace is a piece of red jade over which is laid hard-wearing rock crystal. Set in 14k white gold, the shoulders of the pendant which form a curvy cross are set with pave diamonds.

This gorgeous item will not spend much time lingering at the bottom of your jewelry box.

Blooming Flower With Morganite Center And Diamond Covered Petals In 18k Rose Gold Pendant

It was thought that rose gold would have its moment in the spotlight but it wasn’t foreseen that it would become so beloved. Rose gold is as equally a versatile partner for gemstones as its sisters, yellow gold and white gold but perhaps the most beautiful match is with morganite.

Morganite is a form of beryl that is pinkish-orange, almost salmon, in color and its palest form, and is often touted as an alternative to diamond.

The harmonious marriage of the morganite with rose gold can lead to this darling pendant being seen as understated but the unique design of diamond-encrusted petals tells a different story.

Add a pair of coordinating morganite studs and you have a statement jewelry ensemble perfect for special occasions.

Flattened Diamond-Shaped Black Onyx Suspended In Diamond Encrusted Square Pendant On 14k Yellow Gold Necklace

gemstone pendant necklaces

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Art Deco is the only style out there worth picking but Art Deco pieces are such best sellers because they are so distinctive and despite being inspired by the Jazz Age, the designs translate to modern jewelry supremely well.

Part of the Gatsby Collection (obvious, really!), this striking pendant necklace is a classic Art Deco mix of black and gold with 0.14-carat weight worth of diamonds added for good measure,

Picture it as the perfect accessory for a little black dress along with coordinating black onyx earrings and a showy cocktail or solitaire diamond ring. Picture-perfect for a high-quality look.

Trio Of Chic Layered Spikes In 925 Sterling Silver With White Sapphires Necklace

gemstone pendant necklaces

Not all fabulous jewelry has to be gold and if you’re looking for fine jewelry that is unique and stylish be prepared to be smitten with this piece. Contemporary in its design, this necklace draws on the popular layering trend for inspiration but in its pendant rather than in multiple chains.

Made in sterling silver, it is equally stark, sleek, and sophisticated. The trio of spikes features both hammered and polished silver for texture and one spike is set with pave-cut white sapphires for shine.

It’s beautiful enough to grace any special occasion but happy at home with a casual outfit too.

The Takeaway

We think we have demonstrated with the different styles here that there are no rules for finding the perfect gemstone necklace. Whether you’re choosing a general piece to enhance any outfit or something with a specific meaning or healing qualities, a gorgeous pendant necklace will never let you down.

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