The Ultimate Guide To Trending Tennis Bracelets In 2023

Among pieces of jewelry that remain popular across the decades no matter what else is going on with fashion and style, the diamond tennis bracelet has truly stood the test of time.

Different designs, colors, gemstones, and other elements might change from time to time, but the classic design diamond bracelet is always going to be sought after by jewelry lovers. 

One of the best things about a classic tennis bracelet is that it proves to be an excellent choice for both everyday wear and more formal wear, depending on how you choose to style it with the rest of your look.

If you are interested in adding a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet to your jewelry collection, then it is always good to have some knowledge before making any decisions on which individual piece to buy.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

 This piece of jewelry is several small diamonds and /or other gems connected by a thin chain made of precious metal. The stones run the full length of the bracelet. They are made in 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, and platinum, with some more affordable versions in sterling silver. 

 Originally, this jewelry piece was known as a line diamond bracelet. It gained its name tennis bracelet in 1987. Names may come from famous people or a relevant geographical location. In this case, the name comes from an incident on a tennis court. 

 During a match at the US Open, Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet, and the game was paused for it to be found. After this televised incident, jewelers were inundated with requests for the "tennis bracelet" in the same way that so many hair stylists were asked for the "Rachel cut". Since then, the line diamond bracelet is most popularly called the tennis bracelet. 

Here is a guide to the diamond tennis bracelet and its timeless style which makes it one of the hottest jewelry trends in 2023.

They Exude Timeless Elegance

Tennis bracelets have always been considered elegant jewelry, which as we mentioned above, can be worn with any kind of outfit to add sparkle to a casual look or further enhance the existing elegance of a formal ensemble. And, if you're world famous, you can even wear it doing sports! 

There is something effortlessly sophisticated about a tennis bracelet and this doesn't diminish regardless of the precious metal used or the size of the diamonds.

They Offer Maximum Versatility 

trending tennis bracelets

14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets make such popular jewelry gifts and purchases because they are so versatile and in various ways.

We've already seen their versatility in working with any outfit.  You may think that there is narrow scope in their design but a tennis bracelet may differ in terms of metal type, the carat weight of the diamonds, and the settings that hold the diamonds (prong, bezel, or channel.) Although brilliant white diamonds are the most popular choice, tennis bracelets can use other diamond shapes such as cushion-cut diamonds.

Another statement of their versatile nature is how well it works with and complements other jewelry. They are perfect for wearing alone as a statement piece on the wrist, or they can be stacked alongside other bracelets to create a layered look that is a hot trend right now. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is also a wonderful pairing with a pair of diamond stud earrings (or any other diamond earring) and the most common item of diamond jewelry, the engagement ring. In truth, a diamond tennis bracelet makes a great ensemble with any piece of jewelry with an accent diamond.

And the last expression of its versatility is its price range. There is great accessibility to diamond tennis bracelets because they can be made of sterling silver with small diamonds at the lower price range or be amazing bits of bling with large diamonds at the high end. Plus, thanks to lab-grown diamonds, it is possible to enjoy larger-sized diamonds at a cheaper price than natural diamonds without any less sparkle and fire. (Lab-grown diamonds are 40 - 60% cheaper than mined diamond prices at the time of writing.)

They Carry A Symbolic Meaning

Along with being classically beautiful pieces of jewelry, something else that keeps tennis bracelets a favorite style is that they can also hold a symbolic meaning. 

In its classic form, yellow gold or white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds is a symbol of love. You might think of it as the bracelet form of an eternity ring - that closed circle that is presented on a special anniversary in a relationship or as a renewed sign of commitment.

They don't always have to signify romantic love. diamond tennis bracelets make very special jewelry gifts for birthdays and special occasions such as graduation. 

They Have Durability And Quality

trending tennis bracelets

14k Yellow And White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

As well as their beauty, the jewelry industry is built on diamonds' strength and durability. These two qualities make them the perfect stone for everyday wear where you don't have to worry about damaging something due to a rigorous or active job or lifestyle.

You do have to watch out for loose clasps (Chris Evert note!) but a tennis bracelet can last a lifetime when treated with the proper care and attention. You will have to maintain and look after elements like the setting and link connections but the quality and diamond clarity will not degrade.  

Because of this durability and quality, it has become a trend for expensive tennis bracelets to be passed down among generations as precious family heirlooms that will be enjoyed for years and years to come.

They Hold Investment Value

14k White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelettrending tennis bracelets

You don't need to be a financial genius to recognize that diamonds are a valuable investment! Diamonds are always going to be in demand, so building a collection of diamond pieces serves two purposes, the first to give you a stunning array of accessories and second, to set you up for a great financial boost should you ever choose to put those accessories back on the market!

A diamond tennis bracelet can hold its value over a long period, and depending on brand names and historical prominence, certain pieces can even increase in value.  

Tennis bracelets are a smart jewelry investment but the first thing to consider when buying jewelry should always be the aesthetic joy that you feel when you lay your eyes on a specific piece. It never hurts though if that piece is going to hold its value in the future!

If you want to add a sensational diamond tennis bracelet to your collection of jewelry items, then the next step is to find a jewelry house or online retailer that is going to provide you with excellent choices for really competitive prices, in a range of styles to suit all needs. The Diamond & Design website carries a wonderful stock of tennis bracelets, from classic styles to bolder pieces. We are confident that you will find a piece of jewelry that you will fall in love with and need to make your own!

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